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Renowned for its abundant wildlife and its wide open, sparsely populated hinterlands, Botswana has set aside 20% of its land for National Parks and game reserves – more than any other country in Africa.  It is a landlocked nation covering an area smaller than France and a population now creeping past 2.25 million.

In essence, Botswana is a sandy plateau situated at an average elevation of 3,000-3,500 feet above sea level.  The most dominant geological feature is the Kalahari Desert, which covers roughly two-thirds of the country.  At the northern edge of this arid area, lies Africa’s last Eden – The Okavango Delta – a magical place where the Okavango River, whose headwaters rise in Angola with the summer rains, spills its contents over a 5800 square mile area.  It is in fact the only inland delta in the world.  The Delta, with its permanent supply of water, supports what is probably the most diverse profusion of plant and animal life in Southern Africa.

Botswana became independent from Great Britain in 1966.  Its peace-loving and progressive people have a deep sensitivity for the richness of their natural heritage.  English is the official language.

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