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Zambia remains one of the least commercialized safari destinations in Africa today.  Its prime attractions are the awesome Victoria Falls, shared with neighboring Zimbabwe, and the rich abundance and diversity of wildlife found in its 19 National Parks, most notable of which are the Kafue, Lower Zambezi, and North Luangwa.  The real jewel in Zambia’s crown however, is the South Luangwa National Park, a premier wildlife sanctuary containing some of the highest concentrations of game to be found anywhere on the continent.

First brought to the world’s attention by David Livingstone, whose heart is buried at Chitambo, southwest of Lake Bangwelu, present day Zambia was under British rule from the end of the 19th century until 1964 when it became independent.

Slightly bigger than the size of Texas, Zambia is surrounded by 8 other countries. Populated by 10 million people in over 70 tribal groups, Zambia’s cultural heritage is rich in tradition, and its people are known for their big friendly smiles and welcoming nature.  English is the official language.

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